5% annual interest on future digital gold: Crypto.com once again shifts the lines

We no longer present Crypto.com! Thanks to marketing and technological efforts that have outstripped most of its competitors, the company has become an essential value in the ecosystem. Determined to stay ahead, it offers eGLD token holders the opportunity to generate 5% of annual income, but also to benefit from an environment conducive to diversification.

eGLD, the newcomer

After making a major transition , Elrond evolved into Elrond eGold. At the origin of a new economic model based on scarcity, CEO Beniamin Mincu has only one dream in mind for his initiative: to become the new 2.0 store of value.

As crypto projects multiply without generating excitement, the Elrond blockchain is doing well thanks to its unique properties . Combining speed and security, the protocol allows transactions to be carried out at ridiculous costs, while displaying a dantesque scalability. The eGLD team can be proud of having developed a major solution, which could witness mass adoption.

Well aware of the unique characteristics of the project, Crypto.com decided to take the plunge by allowing eGLD holders to generate passive income . The returns differ depending on the user’s profile. If this one does not have any CRO token (the native token of crypto.com), then, it will be able to generate only 3% of annual interest rate (retroceded in eGLD). If he has at least 1000 CRO tokens, then this rate can reach the sum of 5%.

One of the most beautiful growths in the ecosystem

The interest rates offered by Crypto.com are dependent on the token staker . They also vary depending on the savings conditions set upstream. Blocking your tokens for a period of 3 months turns out to be the optimal solution to maximize your profits. These will be slightly reduced if you shorten the blocking period to 1 month , or choose full flexibility.

While attractive, interest rates are only the tip of the iceberg. Crypto.com is renowned for making public an ecosystem that brings together all the services needed by crypto enthusiasts. Between exchange platform, debit card, staking , borrowing, farming, the assumed objective is to prevent users from the incessant comings and goings between different service providers.

After having formalized the crossing of 3 million users in July 2020, it is today the threshold of 5 million faithful which has just been reached. CEO Kris Marszalek also wanted to comment on this new step:

“Crypto.com has had the privilege of growing from 1 to 5 million users in the space of 12 months. Our clients are extremely engaged, and as passionate as we are. I would like to thank them wholeheartedly for their unwavering support ”

5% annual interest on future digital gold: Crypto.com once again shifts the lines
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