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Earn Crypto Watching Videos: Cheelee Revolutionizes the GameFi Space in 2023!

• This article explores five of the most disruptive cryptocurrency projects of 2023 and how they could impact the world.
• The projects discussed are Cheelee, a GameFi short video platform, Raiden Network, a Layer-2 scaling solution, Aave Protocol, a DeFi lending platform, Polkadot, a multi-chain blockchain network, and Xpring Initiative from Ripple Labs.
• Each project has the potential to revolutionize blockchain technology and usher in mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.


This article explores five groundbreaking crypto projects that will change the game in 2023. From advanced Layer-2 systems to decentralized finance and GameFi platforms, these projects represent some of the most exciting developments in the crypto space today. We will examine how each project could impact our world in the years to come.


Cheelee is a GameFi short video platform that draws 4.6 billion social media users to crypto by giving them the opportunity to earn on watching their feed. Users are paid to view their favorite videos using NFT glasses thus earning on their attention — an innovation Cheelee is bringing into the space. CHEEL token rose 100 times in value after Coinsbit and BitMart listing and Cheelee’s app is available on Google Play with plans for an App Store launch soon.

Raiden Network

The Raiden Network is an Ethereum-based Layer-2 scaling solution designed to enable secure and instantaneous off-chain transfers of digital assets at high transaction speed without compromising decentralization or security. It has been praised as one of Ethereum’s largest potential scalability solutions and could lead to much faster transactions with significantly lower fees than current networks can offer.

Aave Protocol

Aave Protocol is an open source DeFi lending protocol built on Ethereum which aims to provide users with access to secure lending services with no middlemen involved. Through its smart contracts it enables lenders and borrowers from all over the world to interact directly without any intermediaries involved while ensuring trustless peer-to-peer transactions through preprogrammed rulesets embedded into every contract deployed on its network.


Polkadot is a multi-chain blockchain network designed as an interoperable infrastructure for building both private networks as well as public ones based on existing protocols such as Bitcoin or Ethereum while being able to connect them together via special bridges called parachains that allow data interchange between different blockchains running under its umbrella network architecture known as Substrate framework . With Polkadot developers can create new applications operating across multiple chains while still being able to interact with legacy systems like those running ERC20 tokens or other digital assets built upon Bitcoin or Ethereum networks all within one unified system thanks to its sophisticated technology stack designed for interoperability between different blockchains regardless of consensus algorithms used by each particular chain connected under it’s umbrella organization known as Web3 Foundation .

Xpring Initiative from Ripple Labs

The Xpring Initiative from Ripple Labs is a cross sector initiative aimed at accelerating real world uses cases for cryptocurrencies by providing financial support for innovative startups focusing on blockchain technology development . By leveraging partnerships with leading venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz , Founders Fund , Kleiner Perkins , Union Square Ventures , Pantera Capital , Blockchain Capital among many others , Xpring provides much needed resources such as capital investment , technical expertise & talent acquisition assistance among other services thus helping kickstart promising blockchain related projects & scale them up exponentially until they reach mass adoption levels .

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Crypto Scams on the Rise: YouTube is a Haven for Fraudsters

• Crypto scams are increasingly taking place on YouTube.
• A digital security firm has been monitoring the growing network of crypto fraud schemes via video platforms like YouTube, estimating that they are operated by a network of about 30 people.
• These fraudulent videos aim to steal money from unsuspecting victims with fake comments and applications like Telegram, often targeting Tether users who don’t realize they’re being conned.

Growing Crypto Scams on YouTube

According to a new report, YouTube is becoming a haven for crypto fraud schemes which aim to steal money from unsuspecting victims. A digital security firm has been monitoring the growing network of these scams, estimating that they are operated by a network of about 30 people who use applications like Telegram to communicate and/or run their operations.

Targeting Tether Users

These fraudulent videos appear legitimate at first due to high numbers of likes and comments, however it’s believed these are all fake in order to make the videos look more real. Many of these schemes are centered around the popular stable coin Tether, aiming to target users who don’t realize they’re being conned.

Fooling Recommendation Algorithms

The group behind this operation have also copied and pasted comments from other YouTube videos onto their own in order to fool recommendation algorithms and make them appear more real. It is suggested that these scams aren’t particularly profitable yet but the perpetrators have figured out how to game YouTube’s algorithms with a straightforward approach.

Challenges for Social Media Platforms

Moderating social media content is a huge challenge for platforms such as YouTube when it comes to preventing crypto scams from occurring or gaining traction online. With Secure Inc., believes that it’s important for users to be aware of what scams may be lurking on social media platforms so that they can protect themselves against them.

Preventative Measures Against Scams

Users should always thoroughly research any platforms or applications before investing in them as well as ensure their accounts have strong passwords and two-factor authentication enabled at all times. Additionally, if something appears too good to be true then it probably is – so staying vigilant when perusing through video content online is key in protecting oneself against crypto scams on social media platforms like YouTube.

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Sam Bankman-Fried Allowed Limited Contact With Former FTX Employees

• Sam Bankman-Fried and prosecutors have agreed to limited communication rules for him as he awaits his trial in October.
• SBF has been granted a $250 million bond which would be forfeited if he leaves the country.
• He has been charged with fraud after it was alleged that he used customer funds to pay off loans, invest in luxury Bahamian real estate, and purchase condominiums for himself and other high ranking employees.

Limited Communication Rules Agreed Upon

Prosecutors and former FTX founder and chief executive Sam Bankman-Fried have reached a deal regarding his future contact with past and current employees of the now defunct exchange. A letter from defense lawyer Mark Cohen details how Sam Bankman-Fried can and can’t communicate with others as he awaits his October trial at his parents‘ home, pending approval by U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan on the communication protocols. The judge had previously imposed limitations on who SBF could connect with from his former businesses, barring him from speaking with other executives except through chat apps like Signal that allow auto-deletion of messages or texts to prevent influencing or harming witnesses.

$250 Million Bond

Sam Bankman-Fried has been freed on a $250 million bond, meaning that if he tries anything funny while out of jail (i.e., he tries to leave the country), those who have put up their money and property as collateral will be forced to part with it permanently to make the $250 million required payment. Additionally, SBF will also be barred from engaging in transactions over $1,000 except for those required to pay legal fees associated with the case against him..

Charges of Fraud

Sam Bankman-Fried has been charged with several counts of fraud after it was alleged that he used customer funds to pay off loans taken out by his other firm Alameda Research. In addition, it’s believed that he used the funds to invest in luxury Bahamian real estate and purchase condominiums for himself, as well as several of his highest-ranking employees.

Fall of FTX Exchange

The fall of FTX is likely to go down as one of the biggest blunders ever within the crypto space. Having first arrived on the scene in 2019, FTX rose quickly through the ranks until 2022 when it became one of top five crypto exchanges globally before its eventual collapse later that year due to its founder’s fraudulent activities.

Preceding Acclaim

Prior to these events occurring, Sam Bankman-Fried was labeled a genius and had acquired a net worth estimated at nearly $1 billion USD prior to the company’s downfall; however upon conviction all assets may be subject for seizure under penalty applied by court order if found guilty..

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Crypto Criminals Target Colorado Residents: FBI Reports Millions Lost

• The FBI has released a report showing that Colorado residents have been major targets of crypto criminals who have stolen millions of dollars.
• Scams typically involve stable assets such as Tether and USD Coin (USDC) and involve fraudsters setting up fictitious support sites to steal money from unsuspecting victims.
• Victims are typically approached on social media, dating apps or discussion forums with cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Crypto Criminals Targeting Colorado Residents

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently issued a report detailing the theft of millions of dollars from crypto traders and everyday residents in Colorado. Scammers primarily target people looking to invest in stable assets such as Tether and USD Coin (USDC).

Common Scam Tactics

In many cases, scammers will approach victims through social media platforms, dating apps or discussion forums claiming to offer cryptocurrency investment opportunities. They then link them to phony websites under their control where it appears profits are rising and portfolios look promising. Once the victim sends funds, the scammer disappears with the money.

Recent Examples of Colorado Victims

The FBI gave five recent examples of Colorado residents being targeted by scams involving Tether, resulting in total losses over $4 million. These include a 52-year-old man from Aurora losing over $600K; a 61-year-old woman in Denver losing $1.3 million; a 62-year-old man in Evergreen losing $350K; and a pair in their late 40s in Parker losing $1.2 million.

Advice From the FBI

The FBI advises not to fall for these types of scams – if you send cryptocurrency or any kind of money it will be gone forever and there is no way for you to get it back. It’s important to remember that anyone offering advice on investments or help investing should not be trusted as they could be fraudsters trying to take your money away from you.


Crypto criminals have been targeting unsuspecting Colorado residents with elaborate scams involving stable assets like Tether and USDC, leading to the theft of millions across multiple cases highlighted by the FBI’s new report. Always exercise caution when considering crypto investments – if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

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