Month: Februar 2023

Conflux Price Soars 366% Following China Telecom Deal

• Conflux Network has partnered with China Telecom to build a blockchain-enabled SIM card (BSIM). • The card will manage and store a user’s blockchain private keys and digital assets, acting as „a safer, more efficient, and more compliant entrance to the Metaverse“. • This news has caused the Conflux token price to surge by […]

Coinbase Stock Plummets After SEC Crackdown: 14% Decline in 24 Hours

• Coinbase stock price dropped due to the ongoing SEC investigation and their recent filing against crypto staking. • The SEC has recently been ramping up its enforcement actions, targeting initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other crypto-related activities that it views as problematic. • Coinbase, one of the most prominent players in the space, was […]

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